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Update on Board of Trustees meeting by President Greene

Update on Board of Trustees meeting by President Greene

Two weeks ago the Board of Trustees and President David Greene convened on campus for the Autumn Board of Trustees meeting. They discussed initiatives to continue their agenda to cement Colby among the world’s best liberal arts colleges. Noting the importance of keeping everyone on campus cohesive and informed as the College implements current projects, SGA is hosted a State […]

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To swipe or not to swipe: Tinder use at Colby

“White cis male looking to oppress.” The bio of one of the guys I found on Tinder. Ah the gems you find on this infamous app. Everyone has a fun (mostly not-so-fun) Tinder story about some weirdo who messaged them some crazy shit. From these experiences, no one seriously thinks you can use Tinder as a legitimate dating app, right? […]

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On finding solitude and the ideal bathrooms on campus

The moment I felt Colby became my home was the moment I found the perfect place to drop a brick. As a first year, there’s nothing like finding that perfect place to take a shit. For the first time since you moved into a 200 square-foot room with another human, and began sharing a bathroom with 15 other people, finding […]

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