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Oak announces Jodi Koberinski as fellow

The Oak Institute for the Study of International Human Rights has recently selected Jodi Koberinski of Canada to be the 2015 Oak Human Rights Fellow for the fall semester. According to a press release issued by the institute, “Koberinski’s pioneering work reimagining agriculture and advocating for more equitable food systems, not only in Canada but around the world, puts her […]

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Colby community responds to incidents of bias and bigotry

This afternoon, April 16, hundreds of students, faculty, staff and alumni gathered on the green outside of Pulver Pavilion to listen to President David A. Greene’s address, responding to a series of events that made members of the Colby community feel unsafe and that many feel are indicative of a larger issue at the College. Charles A. Dana Professor of […]

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Does the Dean’s List matter? A look at academic ranking

As we enter our second semester, GPAs and class ranks shake out, and select upperclassmen receive congratulation letters from Phi Beta Kappa regarding their earning Dean’s List. With all these rankings based on a subjective grading system, we have to wonder: does it all matter? This feature takes a look at the importance of the Dean’s List. At Colby, the […]

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Greene doubles Colby’s debt for new initiatives

Last month, the College issued bonds totalling 100 million dollars to fund a number of potential capital investments. While this move caused Standard & Poor’s to lower Colby’s credit rating and almost doubled the College’s debt, this decision demonstrates a recent administrative effort to enact immediate change in areas that many members of the community have identified as having the […]

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College Trustees discuss leadership in Boston

During its most recent meeting in Boston, the College’s Board of Trustees considered three main themes: leadership, momentum and governance. In terms of leadership, the primary focus was the value of human capital. In particular, this included fresh faces for the Administration—the newly-appointed Vice President for Advancement Daniel G. Lugo, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Matthew T. Proto and […]

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Concern arises regarding professors’ discussion with student Library Committee members

Prior to the second library forum, two professors took three students whom they believed to be on the Library Committee to lunch at the Joseph Family Spa. After leaving the meeting, one of the students reported the conversation to her work supervisors in Miller Library and to the Library Committee on which she is a student representative, stating that the […]

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A case for being broke and happy

The last three and a half years of college have been a lesson in “What to Care About.” And I realized that in high school I’d been doing it wrong. Note well: this is a soap box editorial about following your heart, so you’ll want to get on board or move on. I spent all of high school fighting to […]

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James Risen accepts 2014 Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for courageous, investigative journalism

By: David DiNicola and Sam LeBlanc on October 8th, 2014. This year’s Lovejoy recipient could have been in jail on the day he received his award. In January of 2006, journalist James Risen published a book that forever altered his life and helped set the tone for future interactions between the free press and the federal government. In State of […]

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