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The Man

The Man

He kills a butterfly when he is only an infant: wing in each fatty hand, a gentle tearing, a crush of the skull with the heel of his palm; the colors of it go away, are just so much brown mush streaked across his hands and face and lips. He kills a troop of black ants by dumping dirt down […]

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Doing the reading… all of it

A lot of people probably think that I’m crazy when I tell them I’ve done every reading I’ve ever been assigned. And no, I don’t mean read some and skimmed some, or skipped a couple here and there if there simply wasn’t time, but read most of them. I mean I did every reading, every page, for every class I’ve […]

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Visiting professor Erin Murphy enriches cinema studies program

Most students are aware that professors at Colby are rarely just educators. Such is the case with Visiting Instructor in Cinema Studies, Erin Eileen Murphy, who has been engaging students in various film projects on campus. This year she will be teaching three courses: “Narrative Film Production,” “Documentary Video Production: An Editor’s Perspective” and “Digital Publishing: Telling Stories Online,” while […]

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Alumnus returns to teach in the Music Department

Alumnus returns to teach in the Music Department

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Kate Heidemann ’04, an alumna of the College, has returned to the Hill as the newest addition to the Music Department. This fall she is teaching “Music Theory III” and “Deconstructing Popular Music”, a class that she proposed. Her story is one that accentuates the values not only of academia, but the importance of music […]

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