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Should we continue to fight for labor reform?

With all the changes happening on campus, with the promises of the new catering company, should United for Better Dining Services UBDS) continue? For those who do not know us, United for Better Dining Services, or UBDS, is a group of students who have engaged in discussions with the dining services workers, Colby administration, and Sodexo management about the working conditions […]

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Sit-in for solidarity

Sit-in for solidarity

Solidarity is often desired, but is rarely expressed in a meaningful way. How do we show solidarity without harming any group or putting one struggle over the other? We don’t know the answer, but regardless, we are trying: United for Better Dining Services (UBDS) decided to do a day long, public sit-in in solidarity with the dining halls workers who […]

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Sodexo workers deserve compassion

Have you ever thought about who makes up our Colby community? Certainly, there are diferent answers for everybody, but we all eat in the dining halls at some point. For all of us, Sodexo workers are a substantial part of our community. Maybe we just pass by, ask them how they are doing, and say thank you on our way […]

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