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Controversies in the NESCAC

Controversies in the NESCAC

This past week in NESCAC news there have been various controversies, including the social scene at Bates College, a cancellation of a scheduled talk at Williams College, and the discontinuation of the Jefferson Davis award at Bowdoin College. In last week’s issue of The Bates Student, an op-ed ran concerning  the sports culture at the College and its effects on […]

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Students lead push for gender-neutral restrooms on campus

Announced earlier this fall, student groups on campus will begin leading discussions on gender-neutral bathrooms and their future at the College. Conversations surrounding gender neutral and co-ed bathrooms have been happening on college campuses across the country for years. Gender-neutral bathrooms address issues of inclusivity and gender binaries that many community members struggle with on a daily basis. In recent […]

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