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An analysis of the Colby Career Center

The Career Center has launched new initiatives this year to increase their presence on campus and to provide more opportunities and information to students with different academic backgrounds and career interests. While some students have noticed changes and vocalized their support, some students still feel that the Center is not helpful enough to those with less common or humanity-based majors. […]

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Greene announces plans for a committee to define free speech, protest

At a faculty meeting on Feb. 11, President David A. Greene announced the formation of a committee to examine student protest on campus. The committee will include students, faculty and administrators who will convene to discuss the College’s stance on issues of free speech and dissent. According to Provost and Dean of Faculty Lori Kletzer, the formation of the committee […]

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Student summoned for allegedly fleeing scene of accident

The Waterville Police Department issued a court summons last month to John Woodside ’17 after he allegedly fled the scene of a single-car accident on Rice Rips Road. Darpan Roychowdhury ’17 was a passenger in the car, but faces no charges. Neither student was seriously injured in the accident. Shortly after midnight on Nov. 15, Woodside was driving north on […]

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Speed bumps added to Mayflower Hill Drive

The week of Nov. 9, the College installed four new speed bumps on Mayflower Hill Drive between Woodman Residence Hall and the tennis courts, a change that many student drivers understand yet feel should have been second priority to lighting improvements near the road’s crosswalks. The speed bumps are one of multiple “traffic calming measures” that the College has proposed […]

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Analysis of club funds in 2014 SGA budget

With an increased budget this year, the Student Government Association (SGA) has been able to improve funding for campus clubs and student organizations by either fulfilling all requests in full or, for larger clubs, providing more support than last year. Four years ago, the SGA suffered a budget deficit of nearly $30,000, and treasurers since then have had to gradually […]

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Safety on campus: part two

Although the College has proposed multiple improvements to outdoor lighting on campus, many students feel that the changes are more pressing than the indefinite dates they are scheduled for. The changes, some of which will take place this year, are a response to student concerns voiced to the administration. Improvements to the lighting on Mayflower Hill in particular were accelerated […]

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Student hit by car, College responds to safety concerns

The College has been re-evaluating its need for improved outdoor lighting and traffic safety, following an incident last month in which a student was hit by a car on school property. Since the opening of the Davis Science Center in July, more students than ever cross Mayflower Hill each day at its four crosswalks between the Diamond Building and Davis, […]

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Wesleyan fraternities: echoing Colby’s history?

On Sept. 22, Wesleyan University President Michael Roth and Chair of the Board of Trustees Joshua Boger sent an email announcement to the University stating that Wesleyan’s remaining residential fraternities will be required to co-educate within the next three years. The term “co-educate” stipulates that women are to not only become integrated into residential fraternity houses, but also that they […]

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California’s “yes-means-yes” consent bill versus College policy

The California State Senate passed a law last month requiring all universities to implement “affirmative consent” language in their sexual assault policies and definitions of consensual sex. The measure is part of a nationwide initiative to reduce sexual assault on college campuses. The state senate voted unanimously in favor of the legislation referred to as the “yes-means-yes” bill,. The bill […]

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Risen to receive Lovejoy award

The College’s Lovejoy selection committee has chosen New York Times investigative reporter James Risen as the recipient of the 2014 Lovejoy Award for courageous journalism. Risen is currently facing jail time for refusing to reveal sources on a failed CIA operation. He will receive the award and an honorary Colby doctorate at a formal convocation Sunday, Oct. 5 following the […]

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