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Vision comes together for Arts and Inovation Center

“Arts and Innovation” is one of a number of diverse initiatives making up Colby’s recently announced campaign, Dare Northward. Central to this initiative is the plan to build an extensive performing arts center over the current Mary Low Lot. “The idea for a performing arts center at Colby has really been around for the better part of a decade. It’s […]

Quinn XCII seemed unphased by the large and boisterous crowd jumping around on Saturday night and often lowered his own music to include concert-goers  voices in one big jovial singalong.

Quinn XCII takes Page Commons by storm

After the chaos and disappointment that ensued at last year’s fall concert, the anticipation for an all around better experience this year was at an all-time high. As Saturday grew closer, students wondered if the Quinn XCII concert would mirror the disorganization, and instability of last year’s Kesha concert. “It was a complete 180,” Clay Rowland ’18 commented, “everything from […]

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Bird Watching features a sketch your own bird activity, allowing museum-goers to add their own artistic talent to the exhibit.

Bye-Bye Birdie: Taxidermy Talk at the Museum

“If you want to learn about dead birds, you’re in the right place,” said artist, field biologist, and taxidermist, Jordan Chalfont. On Thursday, November 2nd in the Mirken Education Center, Chalfont alongside Lunder Curator for Whistler Studies, Justin McCann, led “Franken-Bird: A Taxidermy Talk and Demonstration,” which combined both a discussion of the Bird Watching: Audobon and Ornithology in Early […]

An artful Halloween: costume party at the Colby Museum

An artful Halloween: costume party at the Colby Museum

“What’s this?” A young boy dressed as a superhero asked his mother, pointing to the frames of a Leah Modigliani exhibit. His mother explained the piece of work over the music and chatter that filled the Colby College Museum of Art. On Thursday, Oct. 26, art not only hung on  the walls but walked around the lobby, explored the galleries, […]

Huntington’s Instagram features his adventures, including artful shots of outdoor living and clips of his movie projects.

On the hunt for inspiration

Colby alumnus and Portland, Ore. native Foster Huntington ’10, had a short lived career in the New York City fashion industry. After about a year and a half of working for Ralph Lauren, Huntington realized that the corporate world was not for him. He wanted to be outdoors, traveling, and taking photos. In July of 2011, Huntington quit his job in New York and bought a van using the money HarperCollins had given him to […]

Senior Tony Karalekas aka DJ Tonedeff can be found at any number of the downtown bars, setting the pace - and the beat - for a fun night on the town.

Colby’s most in demand DJ

Club Viper, Waterville’s hottest nightclub, is notorious for hosting Colby’s most energetic Thursday nights. Colorful lights flash back and forth, illuminating the dance floor flooded with fun-loving Colby students dancing the night away. Responsible for the movement of the crowd is none other than Colby senior Tony Karalekas, also known as DJ Tonedeff. “The name DJ Tonedeff was actually a […]

Students have a chance to interact with and study alongside Leah Modigliani's thought-provoking work pertaining to questions of loss and displacement.

Leah Modigliani: How Long Can We Tolerate This? An incomplete record from 1933-1999

As of Sept. 1, How Long Can We Tolerate This? An incomplete record from 1933-1999 lines the lobby walls of the Colby Museum of Art. The artist, Leah Modigliani, lives in Philadelphia and is the Assistant Professor of Visual Studies at Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Much thought and consideration goes into the where, what, and why of […]

Exploring Portland: Concerts and More

Exploring Portland: Concerts and More

Given that Colby is situated in a rural  setting, many students feel that there is not much to do on the weekends besides sports games, homework, and a classic Saturday night in the senior apartments. However, just an hour and 15 minutes away lies the coastal city of Portland. “Not enough students take advantage of Portland. There’s so much to […]

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Review of Xanadu

Review of Xanadu

On Friday night in Page Commons, before an excited audience, Nora Hill `18 quoted Leonard Bernstein, “To achieve greatness, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” Director of this year’s One Week, she then proceeded to introduce Xanadu as a fun and ridiculous musical that doesn’t take itself seriously. And it was exactly that. Filled with […]

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LePage outlines delivers State of the State, addresses wages

On Tuesday, Feb. 7, Governor Paul LePage gave his sixth and final State of the State speech in which he addressed his agenda, concerns, and the budget for Maine. In response to new state legislation LePage said, “Our economy and our way of life are under attack.” LePage began the speech by addressing his plans for tax reform. Angered by […]

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