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Colby working to revitalize local community

“This is the time to act. This is Colby’s time.” These words were said by President David A. Greene during his inaugural speech last September. As he was welcomed to Mayflower Hill, Greene spoke about his commitment to help drive change for the Waterville community through “[partnering] with and [supporting] local leaders to accelerate the pace of improvements and stimulate […]

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Apple Inc. goes green investing in acres of Maine timberland

You can see it in the weather: the environmental conditions are only getting worse. Studies show the environment that we are living in is deteriorating as we strip its resources and pump toxins into the air. A large contributor to the environmental destruction is big companies, which require plenty of resources in order to function and are constantly accumulating waste […]

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Why are you sitting in my seat?

You walk into your 9:00 a.m. class and your stomach sinks as you notice the atrocity in front of you. The corner seat in the second row, the best row, because it’s not directly in the front but still close enough for you to be able to see the board and pay attention, the one you have sat in all […]

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Six Professors Receive Tenure

In order for a professor to secure their position at the College, they must undergo the rigorous process of gaining tenure. That process culminated last week for six professors, whose demonstrated excellence granted them permanent spots on the Hill. Tenure is typically a six-year process that involves a continuous review by professors, students and various committees, concluding in a final […]

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