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Professors debate partisanship in the classroom

Professors debate partisanship in the classroom

By Liam Simes and Alessandro Maglione The controversial presidential election of Donald Trump has sparked a vigorous backlash in the country, noticeably on college campuses, and in response, conservative groups have been condemning what they see as an attack on freedom of speech. Colby College professor Aaron Halon, in his New York Times op-ed “Advice for my Conservative Students”, acknowledges […]

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Pen to Paper: “12-4 AM” Excerpt

“12-4 AM” Excerpt by Harper Estey ’17 We made our way to the bow, soft and careful.  Loud steps might wake our crewmates below, which guaranteed grumpy complaints once the sun rose.  We slid passed Smoke – our dingy – and ducked under the staysails.  Earlier in the week we had been caught in a storm.  Four of us had […]

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Ask Amanda: Stressed senior needs advice

Dear Amanda, I’m a senior and I’m struggling with my workload.  (You’d think I’d have it figured out by now, right?)  The problem is I took on a new job working over 20 hours a week, and I’m having trouble keeping up with the demands of school, work, and various other commitments.  I don’t want to quit the job because […]

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Community ‘listens in’ to experiences of violence

Students, Faculty, and Administration gather to ‘Listen-In’ to experiences with violence on campus.

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Waterville Bakery: Hidden Gem

Universal Bread Bakers is a tiny shop in downtown Waterville, run by a man from Armenia. If you blink when you drive by it, you’ll probably miss it. But this shop is worth the search. I heard about this place through a foodie friend, so I had some expectations. Upon arriving, I was hit by the strongest and most intoxicating […]

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College revamps protocol for sexual misconduct

It can be seen all over campus. Stuffed into mailboxes, tacked onto doors, plastered on the inside of bathroom stalls, and printed on pamphlets in the hands of Community Advisors is a message: the College is reforming its sexual assault policies. In the wake of a national media storm and increased attention from the Obama administration, nearly 80 colleges and […]

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President Greene addresses Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) held its second formal meeting of the year on Sept. 28, 2014. The meeting began with an address from newly inaugurated President David A. Greene. Greene talked extensively about his first weeks on the Hill, his plans for the College, and how the SGA could work with the College. “The thing I notice the most […]

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The Colby Strippers provide support and resources for diabetics on campus

A new club has surfaced at the College with a deceptive name but a clear goal. The Colby Strippers, founded by Erik Douds ’14, is a new club that provides students and faculty with diabetes resources and support. The name refers to the paper strips that diabetics use to test their insulin levels. “Colby Strippers…is a club for diabetes education […]

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Student finds harmony in music and language

While many students at Colby like to discuss their academic endeavors, some students pursue passions outside of his or her major or minor. In the case of Brett Ewer ’14, academic and extracurricular pursuits are combined. A classics and classic civilizations major, Ewer is very interested in ancient communities. However, what makes this particular student interesting is the way in […]

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Opportunities await three JanPlan courses in Russia

Do you like to travel? Are you interested in ethnography, art and/or economies transitioning from a command to free market system? Does a month of total immersion in a foreign culture sound like your idea of an adventure? If so, spending a month in Russia on Colby’s direct exchange JanPlan may be just the program for you. “In addition to […]

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