Artful Halloween: Frights and Fun

This past Halloween, the Colby College Museum of Art covered their normally pristine lobby with pumpkins, spiderwebs, and other spooky decorations for their annual Artful Halloween event. The event, planned by the Museum Student Advisory Board (MSAB) encouraged students, faculty, and locals alike to dress in their best art-related costumes and flock to the Museum for some Halloween fun. 

“This year we tried to add some new elements, like trick-or-treating through the galleries,” co-chair of MSAB Marina Takagi `21 told the Echo in an interview. “I think that along with the tarot card readings and the food, which is always really good, helped bring in some new audiences. We just really tried to cater to everyone and I think everybody enjoyed it.”

The tarot card reading was an especially popular feature of the event. The Museum hired three tarot card readers to set up shop in the Davis Gallery, which is located just off of the lobby. At one point, the line got so long that it nearly extended out into the lobby. Takagi was particularly excited to see what the cards said about her future.

“I’m really excited to try it!” Takagi said at the event. “I definitely want to make my way over there soon and see what happens.”

The themed food was also a hit. Between the “eyeball” deviled eggs, the “mummy” hot dogs, the “brainy” rice krispies, and the “puking pumpkin” guacamole, there was something for everyone. Mira DiSilvestro `21, a Sculpture major who recently joined MSAB, was impressed by the catering. 

“My favorite part of this event is probably the themed food,” DiSilvestro said in an interview with the Echo. “I really like the eyeball deviled eggs. I also really like the decorations and activities with the tarot cards and everything, but the best part is definitely the food.”

Gwendolen Huo `23 echoed DiSilvestro’s sentiments. It was her first time attending Artful Halloween but she definitely plans on coming back next year.

“I think it’s very well organized,” Huo said of the event. “The treats are definitely high quality. I really like the effort they put in. I also think there’s a great turn out and a lot of variety in the crowd.”

The Museum Student Advisory Board certainly put in plenty of effort. According to Takagi’s fellow co-chair Jane McKerron `20, it’s a “cool but challenging” process. 

“It was fun,” McKerron told the Echo, reflecting on planning the event. “There was definitely a lot of last minute stuff happening, with finding the DJ and everything, but it turned out well in the end. I feel like this event is always really fun because they have cool food and really fun stuff for everyone to do.”

 “Also, getting help from [Mirken Senior Coordinator of Programs and Audience Engagement] Jordia Benjamin and [Anne Lunder Leland Fellow] Olivia Fountain was great,” Takagi added. “They’ve had years of experience so they made things go really smoothly.”

It was certainly an entertaining night. Between the food, the trick-or-treating, the tarot card readings, and the DJ, there was plenty to do and plenty of people there to do it with. Hopefully, Colby students who weren’t able to go can look forward to next year’s Artful Halloween for another night of fright and fun.

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