A short pause for Thanksgiving

Oh November, thank you for coming (and for bringing a fantastic storm with you to remind us of what to expect in the near future)! November is the month at Colby when things get really stressful, and I have definitely been feeling the stressful vibes as of late.

I know exams are coming. I know I have two massive papers due in a matter of weeks. I know that I have so much to do to get ready for my JanPlan in Uganda.

I’m stressed, just like everyone else. With all of these deadlines coming, I’m starting to freak out, and I have a tendency to only focus on the bad when I get stressed. To prevent myself from this negativity spiral though, I want to take a minute to step back and look at the good in my life. Thanksgiving is this month, and I want to take the time and this space to be thankful for my life.

I’m thankful for the opportunity I have to be here at Colby. Even though I’m a long way from home and my family, and I miss them like crazy every day, Colby is exactly where I need to be. I am thankful for our beautiful campus that is so well maintained by our hardworking grounds keeping staff. I’m thankful for every staff member on Colby’s campus, all of whom work to make our lives as comfortable as they can be. These people don’t get thanked enough and deserve so much.

I’m thankful for my professors. They have illuminated the world for me in so many ways. I’m thankful that they are here to support me and guide me through my four years here. The fact that I get to connect with my professors on the level that I do astounds me. This college offers us so many opportunities that we wouldn’t have elsewhere.

I’m thankful for my job on campus in the Farnham Writers’ Center. I’m thankful for the clubs I am in the Pugh center and elsewhere. I love that I get to learn so much outside of the classroom, from how to make a quilt to feminist theory and seeing Michelle Obama to learning about activism in Boston over a weekend. I have even learned an entirely new sport with the Ultimate Frisbee team this year, which has been one of the most fun things I have done at school.

I’m also so incredibly thankful for the amazing friends that I have in my life, both at Colby and in other places across the country. I don’t know where I would be without my friends and their ability to lift me up when I’m down, or to get me to do things I wouldn’t do myself. I love that I have people to laugh with and cry with and just hang out with. My friends are part of my journey, and the amazing people I have met at Colby have made my experience here priceless.

I try to be thankful for every day and every experience. Sometimes it’s hard to be thankful when I am dealing with a tough situation, but being thankful helps keep me grounded and get through the situation. I try to wake up each day and thank the Universe for giving me my body, my thoughts, my energy, and my will. I think that it is a good exercise in being happy with what you have. Being thankful should not be limited to one day every year, but should be something that is thought about multiple times a day.

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