2017 Roberts Road lineup revealed in video

Last week, the Student Programming Board, SPB, released the long-awaited lineup for the annual Roberts Road spring festival in a video made by Palmer Taylor ’17, Riley Meidell ’18 and David Martin ’19. The artists performing next week at the festival are D.R.A.M. feat. Daff, with special guests Kap Slap and Jimi Tents. The video featured an old-school boombox and cassette tapes with neon colors shooting up and down radio receivers abd the iconic Miller Tower. Taylor, the head of the video team, used D.R.A.M. as inspiration for the video. “This year I wanted to do something animation oriented but not claymation [like last year’s video] which was a ton of work. So I drew a lot of inspiration from D.R.A.M.’s outgoing and happy persona and musical style as well as his music videos,” said Taylor. Martin acted as the producer, finding filming locations and developing ideas, and Meidell helped design the typefaces and did drawing for the animations.

The student response to the video and lineup was positive. Many students had not heard of the smaller artists, but expressed enthusiasm at D.R.A.M.’s upcoming performance. “I didn’t know the others, but I’m excited for D.R.A.M.,” said Brooke Gentry ’18. “I really appreciate the amount of work that went into making the festival possible.”

SPB, headed by President Grace Carroll ’17, worked hard to secure an exciting lineup for Roberts Road 2017. “Our process for booking and staging concerts is a very long one. For Roberts Road, we start compiling lists of artists we know Colby students will enjoy. With the help of our agent, we begin to reach out and make offers,” Caroll stated in an email interview. “Booking an artist depends on a myriad of factors that are both inside and outside our control. We look for artists that have had previously successful live performances, that we think will appeal to Colby students, and that fit budgetary and practical criteria. We have no control over an artist’s asking price, if they are on tour or not, the dates they are available and their willingness to come play at a small college,” she said. It is a lengthy process that involves many twists and turns. “Since there are so many factors to consider, we start with large lists of artists that eventually get narrowed down to the act that we book. Sometimes it takes multiple offers and negotiations to secure our act,” she said.

The artist Kap Slap creates mixes and mashups of famous songs and hails from Lehigh University. “2016 was a pivotal year for Kap Slap as he shared multiple originals and reworks to showcase his maturity as a producer,” according to David Rishty, a blogger on thissongissick.com.

Jimi Tents is a “sensational rapping storyteller from Brooklyn” according to Okayplayer blog, and is “putting his stamp on the game with an eclectic style of music.” Tents’ album Five O’Clock Shadow LP gained notable reviews and reached thousands of listens
on Spotify.

Shelley Massenburg-Smith, or D.R.A.M., which stands for Does Real Ass Music, is the best known of the group. D.R.A.M. started performing at a now closed mall in his hometown of Hampton, Virginia, and released an EP album a mere nine months later. He is perhaps most famous for his song “Broccoli” feat. Lil Yachty. As interviewed in Noisey, D.R.A.M.’s producer Gabe Niles describes working with D.R.A.M. as hardly even work. “I enjoy the fact that we are completely oblivious to any kind of ‘rules.’ It’s like two kids playing with Legos but with genres of music,” he said.

Because of the chaotic crowd control at the Kesha concert this past Oct., there are definite concerns about security for this event and whether SPB will do anything differently. SPB urged that their first priority is safety and that students should be sure to respect college policy, but gave no details about the Kesha concert itself and whether security and SPB will enforce
different regulations.

However, SPB did promise many exciting attractions and favorite food trucks. “You can expect the same experience as last year’s Roberts Road, including awesome music, swag, and food. There will be many fun inflatables and delicious food from Selah Tea, Downtown Smoothie, Rolling Fatties, the Saltbox Cafe, and more. We are also planning some fun giveaways—stay tuned for that,” said Carroll. Roberts Road will take place next Saturday, May 6 in the Bob’s parking lot and is .free for all students.

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