6 Underground: Movie Review

After acting in two action movies as a part of the Deadpool series, Ryan Reynolds tried his luck at his own action movie. Directed by Micheal Bay, Reynolds assumes the role of a young tech billionaire who faked his own death in 6 Underground. He assembles a team of skilled assassins, warriors, and military men to take on the most dangerous missions in the world. All members are assumed to be dead, and leave behind their identities and stories to work in a group where a number is their only identifier. 

Reynolds underperformed in this mediocre “action movie,” as he takes on an ego-filled persona of an assumed-dead billionaire. After watching both Deadpool movies, I can clearly say this was not the same Ryan Reynolds. His character lacked  direction throughout the movie, and the ego didn’t help. Reynolds seemed to fall out of character multiple times during the movie, creating a confused personality for his character. Dave Franco delivered a surprisingly good performance, playing  the get-away driver for the group. Sadly, this performance was short, as his passionate character was not present for the second half of the movie. 

Actor performance: 3/10 

A mediocre set of performances from the actors in this movie did not help writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. They wrote “Six” (Dave Franco) out of the movie in the early parts, which took away the only inspired performance of the bunch. The story itself was played out and steals elements from previous action movies like Ironman 3. The entire plot is based around the six members of the group fighting to take down an “evil” Middle-Eastern dictator. This story seems a little 2006, with a plot that seems like it should have been completed years ago. Throughout the entire movie, there are only a few scenes of intense “action,” all of which are brief and very underwhelming. The film culminates with a 15-minute action scene, which also uses a cliche storyline: fighting on a boat. Overall, the writing performance was mediocre.

Writer Creativity: 5/10

Action throughout the movie was supplied with excellent special effects and a well-choreographed set of hand-to-hand combat scenes. This was the strongest part of the movie, as the actors in these parts of the movie didn’t have to talk. A zip-line scene through a busy city, while the hero is being chased by henchmen, highlights the action of the movie. The action in this movie, while played out, was performed well. 

Action Scenes: 6.5/10

Netflix took a big gamble on the leading performance of Ryan Reynolds in this “action” filled movie. Sadly, the performance was lackluster compared to his previous movies and it seemed to rub off on the rest of the cast. With a rumored budget of $150 million, I hope they get it better on their second try. This movie fails to give Netflix an action blockbuster that competes with Sony Pictures or Marvel Entertainment.

Overall Movie: 5.5/10

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