A fruity IPA beer all lovers can enjoy

We all have our guilty pleasures. For me it’s the movie Clueless and the song “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard, but these two things and their cultural significance are for another time. There are some beer geeks that have guilty pleasures when it comes to the kind of beer they drink. This normally comes in the form of loving beers that people have deemed “too sweet” or “not really beer”. A large amount of these are normally fruit beers and they get a seriously bad reputation in the beer world.

For some odd reason once you put fruit into beer people think you are trying to make some sort of Four Loko-witchcraft when, in reality, there are some unreal breweries making top notch beer with fruit to add an interesting and unique take on their classic beer lineup.

More and more brewers have been using fruit to deliver punchy and interesting flavors to their existing beer recipe. This has become a huge industry because people are starting to crave more creative and “weird beers.” A trend I have recently been a big fan of is putting fruit into IPAs. Allowing another complexity like fruit into the already tropical fruit-forward hop profile that most IPAs have today have lead to a very drinkable and complex beer. Adding fruit can help mellow out the bitterness and bring out the larger flavors in the beer without turning it into a sweet syrupy mess. This can lead to a very accessible and appealing IPA to the masses, while also allowing the subtleties to remain for the tried and true beer lovers to enjoy.

An IPA that does this really well is Ballast Point’s “Mango Even Keel”. This beer has had, and will continue to, carry a ton of hype with it everywhere it goes. Even Keel is Ballast Point’s session IPA. After brewing this, they then blend with mangoes to yield an incredibly fruity and complex beer at a super low alcohol by volume (ABV). This beer calls to warmer climates with huge mango and tropical fruit flavors. The mango has a very fresh taste, unusual to many fruit beers in the past.

The reason for this unique taste is Ballast Point’s use of real fruit in the beer as opposed to using the extract flavoring that are in almost all other fruit beers. This lack of extract makes the beer come together and it doesn’t taste like a Bud Light with some Fanta in it, like some of the more commercial shandies or fruit beers. This beer is obviously built for the summer but can be a great beverage for all sorts of daydrinking activities. So go out try this beer, and I’ll be listening to Ocean Avenue on single repeat till I get sick.

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