SGA reviews semester goals

As this Sunday marks the last Student Government Association (SGA) meeting of the fall semester, it is important that Colby students take a look at what their elected representatives have accomplished, as well as what they have not.

Dorm damage has been prominent on the agenda throughout this semester, as Colby students have accrued damage in the thousands. Efforts on the part of SGA to mitigate this problem culminated in a “No-Damage November” campaign that raised awareness for the issue, as well as roughly $15,000 for the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter.

However, awareness is not the only avenue SGA is pursuing. Several concrete plans are being considered, such as a proposal to require captains of sports teams to come to “Camp Colby,” a term used to denote the time before the start of the academic year when maintenance crews set up the college’s facilities. The rationale behind this being that members of sports teams seem to account for a disproportionate amount of dorm damage when compared to the rest of the student body, according to certain SGA members.

When asked whether dorm damage was an issue worthy of their elected representatives time, students were generally supportive of SGA’s efforts. Jacob Kandel ’16 lives in the Alfond Senior Apartments, where dorm damage has particularly been a problem, said “Dorm damage has always been a problem during my time at Colby, and I frankly don’t see the administration fixing it. It is ridiculous how dorm residents have to pay for the damages incurred to their own dorm.”

Kandel went on to reference a solution that other schools have adopted such as splitting the collective dorm damage costs among the entire campus body, so that all students share the burden of damage, regardless of where it is inflicted. Indeed, this proposal was previously passed by SGA, only to be rejected by the administration.  As a result, many other initiatives will be voted on during the spring term in order to further mitigate this problem.

SGA also followed through on its efforts to begin running scheduled shuttle rides between Mayflower Hill and downtown Waterville. This program was proposed and piloted during the previous academic year, and results were good, according to President of SGA Michael Loginoff ’16. The creation of the shuttle service is in keeping with the College’s varied efforts to aid in the revitalization of downtown Waterville and to improve Colby-Waterville relations.

In an interview with the Echo that appeared in last week’s issue, Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro stated that Colby students spending time downtown is a means of improving the Colby-Waterville relationship, as well as an important driver of economic growth. Having a scheduled shuttle service between Colby and downtown is a necessary means for facilitating this end. And of course, this shuttle service will become particularly necessary when Colby realizes its likely intention to build a student dormitory downtown.

SGA also organized the Fall Faculty Appreciation dinner. Last Wednesday night, hundreds of students and faculty shuffled up and down the Foss Dining Hall staircase to share an evening of food and festivities. “What a wonderful way to demonstrate our appreciation to the faculty!” noted Henry Tashman ’19.
SGA has had an active semester, yet students are expected to continue to demand new policy and hard work from their representatives.

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