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The battle with the invisible hand of advertising

As Silicon Valley continues to boom and new devices and apps pop up by the minute, it is becoming increasingly challenging to live in America and avoid mass media.  Whether it is at home watching NBC, buying toilet paper on Amazon, or on a mobile device watching YouTube videos of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, advertising seems to be inescapably all […]

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In response to “Mind the Gap: gender disparity in Heights”

Upon reading the article “Mind the Gap: gender disparity in Heights,” published in the Echo, we could not help but feel angered and offended by many of the ideas posited in the article. As current Heights residents, we very much agree with many ideas put forward by the author. Heights, as a college residence, is lacking in a number of […]

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The importance of college radio shows

The importance of college radio shows

The radio might seem quaint, something only old people in Waterville listen to. Rightfully so – most people these days listen to music online with programs like Spotify and Apple Music, making the radio seems like an outdated place to look for new music. Still, college radio has uses beyond just music. College radio is the ideal local broadcasting because […]

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Vision comes together for Arts and Inovation Center

“Arts and Innovation” is one of a number of diverse initiatives making up Colby’s recently announced campaign, Dare Northward. Central to this initiative is the plan to build an extensive performing arts center over the current Mary Low Lot. “The idea for a performing arts center at Colby has really been around for the better part of a decade. It’s […]

Deconstruction + Reconstruction: Chakaia Booker Lecture

Deconstruction + Reconstruction: Chakaia Booker Lecture

Chakaia Booker circumnavigated Given Auditorium with a handheld microphone, tracing her artistic history while images of her work flipped by on the overhead projector. With each image, close to 100 shown, the artist read out the title from memory- often eliciting laughter with titles such as Gynecologist Visit. To a packed auditorium, on Nov. 28 at 5 p.m., artist Chakaia […]

Editorial: calling for student engagement in campus discourse

As the first semester comes to a close, we’d like to reflect on this year’s landscape at Colby, and argue for more dialogue and questioning from the student body. While the Echo is far from a perfect newspaper, it consistently provides space every week for student and faculty opinions, a space often underutilized by this community. When the space fills, […]

Colby lights up the Empire State Building

The College continued celebrations surrounding the October launch of “Dare Northward,” a historical, $750 million comprehensive campaign, in New York City on Dec. 5. The celebration mirrored the size of the campaign goal, revolving around the lighting of the Empire State Building in Colby blue. Like many of the College’s recent efforts, the celebration was unprecedented in college fundraising. Vice […]

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Colby’s master plan: investigating the campus’ long term design

Colby’s master plan: investigating the campus’ long term design

Colby is in the news. Big news, too; the renaming of President Greene’s house to honor a former slave and custodian at Colby named Samuel Osborne recently made the front page of the Boston Globe. The Dare Northward campaign’s goal of $750 million is one of the most ambitious projects undertaken by any liberal arts college, and has been widely […]

Waterville Next? The downtown dorm and its impact

As Colby moves to distinguish itself among elite higher education institutions, one of the primary undertakings concerns the revitalization of downtown Waterville. Over the past few years, the College has purchased several properties on Main Street, dedicating the spaces to administrative offices, rental spaces, a boutique hotel, and, perhaps most importantly, a state-of-the-art student apartment complex. The downtown dorm will […]

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Stranger Things: The juxtaposition of the Two Colbys

Stranger Things: The juxtaposition of the Two Colbys

In the September faculty meeting, Provost Margaret McFadden made a brief reference to the existence of ‘the Two Colbys, a term that faculty at the meeting seemed familiar with. Following interviews with faculty and administrators, the Echo has discovered that this concept, little known among students, has been pervasive in faculty conversations for many years. Most  students are not familiar […]