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Barista Maggie Burgos ’18 talks with students studying in the renovated coffee house.

Newly renovated Mary Low Coffeehouse becomes student life hub

With fall comes radiant foliage, a crisp chill to the air, and, of course pumpkin spice everything. This semester, there is no need to drive downtown to enjoy a hot pumpkin beverage in a cozy café setting: the newly renovated Mary Low Coffeehouse is an inviting spot to hit the books and have a delicious treat. The space not only […]

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Mwangi’s visit coincided with the announcement of Kenya’s presidential election.

Boniface Mwangi, Kenyan activist and political hopeful, visits Colby

In 2007, Boniface Mwangi was a young photojournalist on the front lines of election violence after the presidential elections in Kenya. His photos were circulated worldwide, covering the front pages of the New York Times and The Washington Post. His experience documenting the violence during those two months exposed him to the systemic corruption and incompetent politicians that fill Kenya’s […]

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An aerial perspective of Colby’s brand-new solar fields, which occupy 10 acres and provide 16 percent of Colby’s energy.

New solar fields add to College’s supply of sustainable energy

Colby’s new solar panels at the Annex have been quietly producing power for the College over the past four weeks. The 5,328 solar panels take up 10 acres of land and generate 1.5 megawatts of alternating current power, providing for 16 percent of Colby’s electricity usage. “It’s been what we call a soft start,” said Director of Operations and Maintenance […]

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When the wind blows

When the wind blows

How prepared are we for things we cannot control? A devastating storm blew through the Northeast on Sunday night, creating chaos as it came. The storm has had a lingering impact into the late week and its effects are expected to be tangible in the form of damage for weeks to come. The storm came with strong winds and brought […]

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Beer Review: Love for the G string

Beer Review: Love for the G string

Recently, one of my roommates and I decided that every week we want to try a new Maine brewed beer. Last week, when I was buying groceries at Hannafords, I was drawn to a beer by Funky Bow beer company, located in Lyman, Maine. The beer, cleverly named G-String, has a colorful can with a picture of a banjo on […]

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What’s up with Heights?

What’s up with Heights?

Have you ever seen a tour heading up to The Heights to give prospective students a look at dorm life? That’s right, you haven’t.  Apropos of Jamie Schwartz ’18 in her article, “Colby’s Dorm Crisis,” I wanted to draw attention to the fact that the College seems to be content with allocating limited funds to the upkeep and repair of […]

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Sharon Corwin, Professor of Art; Carolyn Muzzy Director of the Colby College Museum of Art and Chief Curator gives her insights on the College’s place in fostering debate around art-related topics in paper and around campus.

Art that inspires debate

Socially conscious art plays an important role in our culture. It can ask us to face injustices, inequalities, and common histories. There are many examples of public artworks that take on pressing societal concerns, and Nina Oleynik ’18 gives us a compelling one in her Sept. 28 Op-Ed in the Echo that looks at Kara Walker’s powerful sculpture A Subtlety, […]

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The Early Bird Charm

The Early Bird Charm

It may seem illogical to pay for breakfast outside of Colby when you can eat for free right on campus. However, when it comes to places like Early Bird restaurant, the $8 you spend pays for more than just a plate of banana chocolate chip pancakes and a cup of coffee. When you pay for breakfast at Early Bird, you […]

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An artful Halloween: costume party at the Colby Museum

An artful Halloween: costume party at the Colby Museum

“What’s this?” A young boy dressed as a superhero asked his mother, pointing to the frames of a Leah Modigliani exhibit. His mother explained the piece of work over the music and chatter that filled the Colby College Museum of Art. On Thursday, Oct. 26, art not only hung on  the walls but walked around the lobby, explored the galleries, […]

Pen to Paper: walk to party

Pen to Paper: walk to party

Francie was wet, drunk, and very aware of the chaffing of her thighs against her snow soaked boyfriend jeans. All she could think about was how if John were to take her pants off tonight that her legs would be frozen, her razor bumps on her bikini line would appall him, and now this chaffing would disgust him as well. […]

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