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Pen to Paper: 5 tall tales regarding coincidence

Pen to Paper: 5 tall tales regarding coincidence

1. The Pale Blue Dot In high school astronomy, I learned that the Earth is perfectly situated in the universe for the creation of life. It’s situated in a surprisingly small temperature belt in our solar system capable of sustaining liquid water, a requirement for life, and especially my life. I’m thirsty all the time. Mercury and Venus are too […]

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We are all just fine

We are all just fine

Faces reflect true emotions not spoken, and unlike much of what comes out of our mouths, expressions rarely deceive. The words, “I’m fine” are often betrayed by a slightly furrowed brow, tight lips, monotone and faintly sullen voice, and distant eyes that show we are not fine at all. But as humans, with busy and exceptionally important lives, we like […]

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Fire Fall Songs

Fire Fall Songs

Mi Gente featuring Beyoncé – J Balvin, Willy William Bounce Back (Vanic Remix) – Big Sean Homemade Dynamite REMIX featuring Khalid, Post Malone & SZA – Lorde Another Sad Love Song – Khalid Lonely featuring Lil Wayne – Demi Lovato Losin Control – Russ Bodak Yelow featuring Messiah (Latin Trap Remix) – Cardi B Meant to Be – Florida Georgia […]

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Editorial: Regarding Las Vegas

Editorial: Regarding Las Vegas

By Peg Schreiner & Will Walkey After snoozing the alarm several times, many of our morning routines consist of scrolling through concise news alerts from some combination of CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and maybe even Buzzfeed. On Monday morning we woke to the news that 59 unsuspecting, innocent people were shot to death at a […]

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Alec MacGillis accepts Colby’s prestigious Lovejoy Award

Elijah Lovejoy, the namesake and inspiration behind the Colby Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for courageous journalism, was described by President John Quincy Adams as America’s first martyr to freedom of the press. This year’s honoree, Alec MacGillis, a Pultizer Prize winner who currently writes about social issues and domestic policy at ProPublica, embodies the award criteria of integrity, character, intelligence, […]

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Community struggles with alcohol related hospitalizations

Overconsumption of alcohol and its dangerous effects  is not a new issue at Colby, but has recently become a hot button issue across campus as a result of a recent slew of hospitalizations. An email regarding alcohol consumption was sent on Sept. 29 from the Faculty in Residence and Assistant Resident Directors to the student body. The email addresses the […]

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Tonsil hockey season ends early as flu season arrives

Although an unseasonable warmth has caused summer to seemingly persist through the beginning of October, officials from the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention have announced that flu season has come early to the state. Its official start date is Oct. 1 for the rest of the nation, however, cases began to spring up across Maine much earlier. In […]

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ME march for racial justice draws visitors from across state

The Maine March for Racial Justice, which was organized by three Colby students, Adrienne Carmack ’18, Marcques Houston ’18, and Angie Peterson ’18, began outside Colby’s Pugh Center and moved into downtown Waterville on Sunday, Oct. 1. Carmack, Houston, and Peterson began planning the event in August, but said that the most intensive parts of organizing the march took place […]

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