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Colby: Not just a cheese

Think back to the May of your senior year of highschool: every social media platform flooded with announcements of college acceptances and hallways crowded with students chatting about their plans for the future. The excitement in the air was palpable, and you probably were excited to share your decision to go to Colby. For many Colby students, however, their announcements […]

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Maine Senator Collins defies party orders

On Sept. 23, Senator Susan Collins, the senior United States Senator from Maine, announced her opposition to the Graham-Cassidy Affordable Care Act repeal bill. Her defection dropped the party below the votes they needed to pass the bill and, the next day, the party announced it would not hold a vote on the bill. Collins’ opposition ended (for now) the […]

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Dr. Carol Hurney inspires Colby professors

Dr. Carol Hurney is in her second year as the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Colby. After working as a biology professor at James Madison University for 20 years, Dr. Hurney and her wife moved to Waterville to start the CTL at Colby, which she hoped would “empower Colby faculty to be the best teachers […]

Bursting the Colby bubble

Bursting the Colby bubble

Looking to go on a short hike with a beautiful view of mountains and lakes? Colby is lucky to be located a sheer 20 minutes away from the Belgrade Lakes region. This region—which consists of the area surrounding North and East Pond, Salmon Lake, McGrath Pond, Long Pond, Great Pond, and Messalonskee Lake— has three hikes that offer optimal views […]

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Maine Supreme Court hears landmark medical marijuana case

In an interview with WCSH6, Gaeton Bourgoin, a former employee of Twin Rivers paper mill who became addicted to opioids after sustaining a back injury in 1989, claims to find relief in the use of medical marijuana. Now, the highest court in Maine will be deciding on whether or not his cannabis medication should be covered by his worker’s compensation […]

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New downtown antique shop joins Waterville’s growing artisan community

New downtown antique shop joins Waterville’s growing artisan community

As Waterville undergoes revitalization, the emergence of new local businesses continues to add vibrancy and variety to downtown. Lunanightday Antiques, located on Appleton Street, is augmenting the growing local art scene by offering a unique combination of antiques and art. Ed West, who co-owns the business with his partner Mike Hidalgo, feels that the shop has offered visitors a special […]

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Senior Tony Karalekas aka DJ Tonedeff can be found at any number of the downtown bars, setting the pace - and the beat - for a fun night on the town.

Colby’s most in demand DJ

Club Viper, Waterville’s hottest nightclub, is notorious for hosting Colby’s most energetic Thursday nights. Colorful lights flash back and forth, illuminating the dance floor flooded with fun-loving Colby students dancing the night away. Responsible for the movement of the crowd is none other than Colby senior Tony Karalekas, also known as DJ Tonedeff. “The name DJ Tonedeff was actually a […]

Pugh Center banner removal shrouded in mystery

For the past two years, a large banner has hung over the Joseph Family Spa, with statements “NO RACISTS, NO HOMOPHOBES, NO RAPISTS, NO AGEISTS” (among other statements) for the entire campus to see in the hub of student life. It was generally well received, a sign of Colby’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. However, this year, the banner was […]

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Marsden Hartley’s Maine opened this summer at the Colby Museum of art, giving the public a unique opportunity to view a show of this size in his home state. Here, Knotting Rope (1939-40) shows the raw and complex emotion Hartley felt towards Maine.

The Bad Poet: Marsden Hartley and modernism

Last Friday, Sept. 29, the Colby College Museum of Art hosted a noontime art talk in the Lower Jette Gallery. Visiting Assistant Professor of English Jacquelyn Ardam and Mirken Director of Academic and Public Programs at the Colby College Museum of Art Lauren Lessing discussed modern art, modernist poetry and Marsden Hartley. Lessing began by discussing Hartley’s style as a […]

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Pen to Paper: the Chicken and the Egg

Pen to Paper: the Chicken and the Egg

It’s funny, how often we confuse inhibition for tradition. It wasn’t hard for me to see through you. Hell, I guess you didn’t fall for my fakeness either. It didn’t take you long to realize that I wasn’t fluent in happiness, it was a foreign language class I always just-almost failed. The only way I passed was copying other peoples’ […]

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