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Alum donates World Series memorabilia collection

Earlier this month, Kurt Cerulli ’78 donated his personal collection of baseball memorabilia containing over 300 signed baseballs and around 350 other items, including game programs, tickets, and photographs, to Colby College’s special collections. The collection is centered around the World Series, and took Cerulli 15 years to put together. Most of the autographed memorabilia was acquired by Cerulli through […]

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Deans discuss Pugh Center Banner Removal

After a week of inquiry, the administration finally found the Spa’s “NO RACISTS, NO HOMOPHOBES, NO RAPISTS, NO AGEISTS…” banner in a club room and subsequently issued a work order for the banner to be put back up. The banner—which belongs to the Women of Color Alliance and Feminist Alliance—had previously been taken down from its position hanging  over the […]

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The College announces $750 million comprehensive campaign

The College announces $750 million comprehensive campaign

Colby recently announced an ambitious, comprehensive campaign called “Dare Northward.” The campaign has already raised over $383 million and has a six-year goal of $750 million, making it the largest pursued fund in liberal arts history. “It’s a singular moment for Colby,” along with all liberal arts institutions, said College President David A. Greene in an interview with The Echo. […]

Waterville residents weigh in on new downtown dorm

What happens when two hundred students from a notoriously isolated college campus are transferred to a dorm right in the middle of downtown? Colby and Waterville will know the answer to this question soon enough, as Colby’s newest dorm is set to open in the fall of 2018. As part of Colby’s new initiative to revitalize downtown Waterville, the dorm […]

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Socrates Sculpture Park is home to many weather-friendly art pieces such
as Tanda Francis’ Take Me With You (2017) as part of their annual exhibition

Just what can you do with an art major?

Each fall, studio art and art history majors have the opportunity to take a networking trip to a city of the faculty’s choice, generously endowed by Alan Mirken ’51. This year’s trip was to New York City and took place over fall break. The nine students were accompanied by three faculty members, Ankeney Weitz of the art history department, Bradley […]

Connecting with an ex-mule: dropout turned trucker delights audience with new autobiography

Connecting with an ex-mule: dropout turned trucker delights audience with new autobiography

driver turned author Finn Murphy regret dropping out of Colby after three years here? Not one bit: “for me at the time, I had taken as much as I was willing to take. It was the right decision in terms of my life. I’ve never looked back from that.” After dropping out, Murphy covered more than a million miles as […]

Dark light in the sky

Dark light in the sky

An overlook of how society creates miscommunication of people (stars) with Father (Sun) and moving towards Mother (Moon) hurts and affects life (sky). In the end, stars need society to cooperate and work and dream together as one.   This poem is about balance between light and dark to understand and cooperate with each other.   Children of the Sky […]

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Huntington’s Instagram features his adventures, including artful shots of outdoor living and clips of his movie projects.

On the hunt for inspiration

Colby alumnus and Portland, Ore. native Foster Huntington ’10, had a short lived career in the New York City fashion industry. After about a year and a half of working for Ralph Lauren, Huntington realized that the corporate world was not for him. He wanted to be outdoors, traveling, and taking photos. In July of 2011, Huntington quit his job in New York and bought a van using the money HarperCollins had given him to […]

Colby Club Spotlight: brewing club and Roosevelt Institute set to make a splash

Colby Club Spotlight: brewing club and Roosevelt Institute set to make a splash

When students have a finger on the pulse of current policy, social trends, and commerce, it can broaden perspective and foster a deeper connection with the surrounding community. Two of the new clubs recently approved by SGA, Colby Brewing Club and the Colby Chapter of the Roosevelt Institute, both allow students to interact with and understand the surrounding area in […]

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Halloween with the folks: awkward or awesome?

As an October chill creeps over campus, Colby students are beginning to prep for winter. With Patagonia fleeces out and the first round of midterms coming to a close, the first cold-weather holiday approaches: Halloween. Colby students have been known to celebrate Halloween with an assortment of creative shenanigans. In 2016, at the height of the attacking-clown crisis, an unknown […]

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