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Team Jayden: CCAK mentorship helps fund mentee’s medical bills

Team Jayden: CCAK mentorship helps fund mentee’s medical bills

Meet Braden Wilson ’17 and Jayden, a 13 year old at Lawrence Junior High School in Fairfield, ME. This mentor/mentee pair have an unusual caveat to their relationship: Jayden was diagnosed with stage four Hodgkin’s Lymphoma two years ago.

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Fireside Chats Installment V: Dorm Damage

I have real concerns when I see vandalism on campus and tampering with safety equipment. There is simply no excuse for this behavior, especially behavior that puts others in danger.

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Colby students research elite education around the globe

Colby students research elite education around the globe

Howard wanted Colby students in his Elite Schooling in a Global Context course to help with this research, not only because he wanted his class to learn about privilege in a global context, but also because adolescents participating in the research would be more willing to open up and share their thoughts with people close to their age.

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Sitting down with Powder and Wig President, Katherine Kibler ’16

With years of experience under her belt, a passion for theater, and a crop of new talent from this year’s freshman class, the president of student run theater group Powder and Wig Katherine Kibler ’16 is prepared for anything. This week, she sat down with The Colby Echo to discuss her role in the student theater club and their plans […]

Pen to Paper: “Smoking Kills, but so does Candy and Pizza,” an excerpt

I never knew much about the German family next door except that the boy about my age was named Max, and I imagine that was only a nickname for Maximus or Maximilian or something equally menacing. He was one of six boys in the Schwung family, and they were all pale-faced, chubby, and perpetually sweaty, it seemed. At nine years […]

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BMR’s fall show excites audienes

Befitting the usual amount of sparkles, bubbling energy, and promised harmonies, “Hello!” from the Book of Mormon served as a perfect opening number for this year’s production of Broadway Musical Revue. Faces were plastered with wide,  eager and clear-eyed smiles, and a well-executed give-and-take of lines set the bar for the energy of the rest of the show. We were […]

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Guest artist Jackie Brown gives talk about recent “biological art”

On November 11, 2015, artist and Assistant Professor of Art at Bowdoin College Jackie Brown spoke to Colby community members about her recent work. Her talk in Olin 1 was part of both the College’s Center for Arts and Humanities Human/Nature yearlong theme and the art department’s Studio Artist Lecture series. To begin the discussion, Brown noted that there is […]

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NESCACs respond to Mizzou

NESCACs respond to Mizzou

In response to the protests that took place last week at the University of Missouri, student activism has ignited at colleges and universities across the country. Many schools within the NESCAC have joined the call to action as well, standing in solidarity with Missouri in order to cast a spotlight on issues of race, social class, and sexual violence. According […]

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Panelists discuss the practical value of foreign language skills

Panelists discuss the practical value of foreign language skills

On Tuesday, November 10, 2015 at 4 p.m., the Pugh Center gradually filled with students, professors, and other members of the Colby community for the Personal Leadership and Foreign Language Use in the Global Workplace panel, sponsored by the Career Center. When the panel started, there were only a few chairs left empty. An email from the Career Center email […]

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Solidarity event draws crowds, opens dialogue

Solidarity event draws crowds, opens dialogue

With protests exploding on college campuses across the United States, the presence of institutional racism has been in the national spotlight over the past few weeks. Last Friday, around 200 Colby students and faculty members—many dressed in black clothing—amassed on the steps of Miller Library to express their solidarity with the protestors. While the event was short—one participant said the […]

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