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Waterville Stakeholder Meetings Conclude: Greene Updates College

In March, Colby joined with the Town of Waterville to re-energize and revitalize the downtown economy and the College’s relationship with the greater Waterville community. Involved in this collaboration was the College’s purchase of three storefronts on Main Street. President of the College David A. Greene hopes that this new presence downtown can help create local job opportunities and attract […]

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Accomplished hiker shares story with students

On September 17, 2015, dozens of students filed into Olin 001, filling the seats, with many more sitting in the aisles and peaking through the open door. Many students carried backpacks or wore Colby Outing Club (COC) t-shirts as they waited for the tall, slender woman at the front of the room to begin speaking. President of the COC Sara […]

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Dorm damage salient, classist issue

Last fall I wrote an article in which I cast Colby dorm damage as a class issue. This year, I’m digging my heels in and reaffirming my stance on this critical problem. Some have blithely dismissed my logic, but it’s important that all students understand the practical consequences and socioeconomic implications of what students do here on weekends. If you’re […]

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A pie in review: Bob’s pumpkin

Desire. Passion. Ecstasy. My mind races as I tear away the crust from the Bob’s pumpkin pie to reveal delicate mounds of succulent filling. I moisten my lips and raise the crust to my face to breathe in its spicy aroma but can’t stop myself from nibbling on its tender ridges. Flakes of buttery bliss flutter to the floor as […]

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I wish Teach For America didn’t exist – and that’s exactly why I’m joining them

I wish Teach For America didn’t exist – and that’s exactly why I’m joining them

Throughout the past three years at Colby, I’ve wavered in my deliberations about Teach For America (TFA), the non-profit organization that recruits college graduates who have demonstrated leadership, academic excellence, and cultural understanding to teach in underserved communities across the nation. In recent years, TFA’s model has been subject to many sweeping, inferential criticisms, particularly on elite college campuses and […]

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In 2016, you don’t have to be another #bernvictim

It got pretty heated this past summer. Climate change has, yet again, made this summer the hottest on record, while drought and forest fires threaten much of the west coast. However, when I talk about heat, I’m of course talking about the race for the Presidency. This summer, we witnessed the astronomical rise of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, both […]

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How to write a typical clickable Buzzfeed listicle

Step 1: Crafting a title. Creating an effective, click-magnet title is not as hard as you think! Simply pick a topic, a catching adjective, and a number, and BOOM, a perfect title. Here are some perfectly clickable examples to get your brain juices flowing: “9 Lame ‘Castles’ that Prove Tourists are Total Plebeians,” “17 Surprising Things Hamsters Can Fit in […]

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Staffing updates made to Student Life

In a September 3rd email to the student body, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Jim Terhune outlined several staffing changes that were made over the summer. Dr. Tashia Bradley, Ph.D., was promoted to Senior Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion. Bradley came to Colby in 2011 and most recently served as Associate Dean of Students and […]

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Principal on leave

Earlier this month, Waterville Senior High School Principal Don Reiter was placed on paid administrative leave and is being investigated by Waterville superintendent Eric Haley, the school board and the Waterville police. Reiter and his lawyer, Gregg Frame, were not made aware of the allegations until several days after Reiter’s forced leave of absence. Haley, superintendent of Waterville, Vassalboro and […]

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Brand-New and Terrific reexamines Katz’s early work

Brand-New and Terrific reexamines Katz’s early work

This year, the Colby College Museum of Art is featuring a new exhibit celebrating the early works of Alex Katz.  The exhibit will be on display to the public until October 18. Entitled “Brand-New & Terrific,” the exhibit includes over 60 paintings, collages, and cutouts from the 1950’s when Katz began to develop his unique artistic style.    According to […]

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