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Terry Plunkett poetry

The Terry Plunkett Poetry Festival was held April 17 and 18 in Augusta. The event honors University of Maine at Augusta professor Terry Plunkett, who died in 2002. Plunkett was co-editor of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing, a literary magazine published through the University of Maine from 1977-1992 that featured Maine writers. Each year, a poet is featured in […]

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Waterville’s South End gets a makeover

Located along the Messalonskee Stream, Waterville’s South End boasts a vibrant past, and members of the South End Neighborhood Association (SENA) are working towards a bright future. For the past 13 years, a number of Waterville citizens have worked tirelessly to revitalize the neighborhood, which plays an integral role in the city’s history. In the years following 1873, marked by […]

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Rise in lead poisoning

Lewiston, Maine’s second-largest city, is trying to do something to tackle its glaring lead poisoning issue. Due to the aged infrastructure that makes up most of the city, many of the buildings are still covered in paint with unhealthy amounts of lead in it. The result is that lead poisoning in children is at three times the state average. The […]

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Apple Inc. goes green investing in acres of Maine timberland

You can see it in the weather: the environmental conditions are only getting worse. Studies show the environment that we are living in is deteriorating as we strip its resources and pump toxins into the air. A large contributor to the environmental destruction is big companies, which require plenty of resources in order to function and are constantly accumulating waste […]

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Working with contemporary artist Peter Soriano

As a studio art major, I get access to a lot of amazing opportunities through the art department, the Museum, and the faculty and staff that run them. Often, there will be a professional artist who will come to the studio, give a talk, and provide my fellow students and me with personalized critiques. We will sometimes be invited to […]

Students across departments make the trip to Boston’s MFA

Although the school bus pulled up to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston a little bit later than expected this past Saturday, April 18, Italian, Spanish, and art history students alike gathered for a day sponsored by the Center for the Arts and Humanities. Ready to explore the museum and compete in a scavenger hunt, we had the added […]

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Nellie LaValle ’18 shrugs off Colby’s Patagonia uniform

It’s hard to not stop and stare in awe when you see Nellie LaValle ’18 confidently strut around campus with her BoHo-Chic outfits. LaValle is not afraid to stand out, which is reflected in many of her signature pieces, such as her Dr. Martens Boots or her many pairs of high-waisted jeans. LaValle describes her own style as a mix […]

Reflecting on the Emerge Film Festival

When trying to come up with a location to make a film, Maine is not often the first place you think of. A number of factors contribute to the lack of a film industry in the state, including the weather and Maine’s geographic isolation. Additionally, it is expensive to make films in Maine because the state does not offer very […]

Senior artist profile series: Charlie Dupee ’15

Each year in May, The Colby Museum of Art hosts the Senior Art Show, an exhibition featuring works by senior students ranging a variety of mediums, including photography, sculpture, printmaking and painting. In the weeks leading up to the opening on May 7, the Echo will feature each artist, showcasing their work and speaking to them about their personal inspirations […]

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Why Colby students have a duty to disrupt

Well, this has been an emotional couple of weeks. In the span of 24 hours, a protest against police brutality exposed the dark underbelly of bigotry on the Hill. Within another 48, over 500 students, faculty, and members of the community came out to hear speeches by President Greene and several faculty members calling for Colby students to open their […]

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