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Part of a Greater Canon: Making a Guest Appearance

By Indiana Jones ‘14 “I tell myself I bear witness.” -Rust Cohle, True Detective The show must go on. Whether a raucous adventure, a masterful farce, or an epic never-ending, Colby, like every other alma mater, marches forward—into known knowns, into unknown unknowns. Every student, from COOT to Senior Week, lives their own personal drama—hundreds of different shows on myriad channels, […]

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Stop the patriarchal pageantry! It’s time for a Ms. Colby

After attending my third Mr. Colby and watching my homie Chy Ward win first place, I started mulling over a question: Why don’t we have a female version of Mr. Colby? Shouldn’t we all want some form of parity in terms of celebrating individuals on campus? I asked my girlfriend about the idea of a “Ms. Colby” event-competition and she […]

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Let’s stop singing that silly song at Baccalaureate

By Walter Hatch, Associate Professor of Government and Director of Oak Institute for Human Rights I haven’t attended the Baccalaureate for several years. Well, I do show up when it’s over to help form the friendly faculty gauntlet hailing graduates as they march back to Miller. I really enjoy that opportunity to show my great respect for the hard work and achievements […]

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Senior Pledge and its one dollar woes

On Giving Day, I went to the pub after seeing Jimmy Tingle (let us pause here to appreciate his ridiculous name). Upon climbing up that sacred staircase, I did not find the usual smattering of students playing pool, but instead saw alumni lined up, waiting to enter the pub. Of course, as a senior, I had a moment of self-entitlement […]

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Understand the past, empower the future: learning through teaching

By Venola Mason ‘01, Teach For America Grad ‘03, CEO of AchieveIt Educational Services This February, students across the country celebrated Black History Month. They read books by black authors, wrote research papers on civil rights activists, memorized Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech or watched videos about the Underground Railroad. And if they’re taught honestly, as they learn […]

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Argüello ’15 keeps fashion a priority

For anyone who knows Solon Argüello ’15, they know that no matter the occasion, he will always look stylish. A combination of chic and too-cool-to-care, Argüello stands out in the seemingly endless sea of Bean boots and Patagonia.  His personal style utilizes current trends while always functioning as an agent of self-expression and empowerment. I spoke with him about how […]

Contemplating The Jinx

Coming off of the massive success of this year’s widely popular podcast series Serial, HBO’s six-part true-crime documentary series The Jinx has garnered much of the same buzz as its counterpart. With similarly mysterious cases, the two true-crime investigations have proven popular subject matter for capturing the attention of their audiences. For me, director and producer Andrew Jarecki succeeded in […]

Senior artist profile series: Natalie Thompson ’15

Each year in May, The Museum of Art hosts the Senior Art Show, an exhibition featuring works by senior students ranging a variety of mediums, including photography, sculpture, printmaking and painting. In the weeks leading up to the opening on May 7th, the Echo will feature each artist, showcasing their work and speaking to them about their personal inspirations and […]

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SGA develops new plan for coffeehouse

The Student Government Association (SGA) recently announced plans to expand the functions of the Mary Low Coffeehouse. This effort, which has previously been advocated for by many students, is expected to revitalize the community and Colby-Waterville relations. While the cozy space in Mary Low once served as coffeehouse run by a student barista, in recent years it has functioned as […]

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An analysis of the Colby Career Center

The Career Center has launched new initiatives this year to increase their presence on campus and to provide more opportunities and information to students with different academic backgrounds and career interests. While some students have noticed changes and vocalized their support, some students still feel that the Center is not helpful enough to those with less common or humanity-based majors. […]

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