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Reflections on Christopher Caldwell: Xenophobic, Racist and Creedist

Christopher Caldwell’s book, Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West, argues that “When an insecure, malleable, relativistic culture meets a culture that is anchored, confident, and strengthened by common doctrines, it is generally the former that changes to suit the latter” (350).  Caldwell’s book suggests that present European culture can be understood as “the former,” and […]

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Campus Dining Services introduce “unlimited swipes”

While the Spring semester brings with it many notable changes, the new “unlimited swipes” dining hall policy is likely to be the most lauded. Sodexo, the food services company utilized in the campus dining halls, has revealed a system allowing for unlimited dining hall access to Colby. Starting on Wednesday, Feb. 4, at least one dining hall will be open […]

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Dartmouth amends alcohol policy, cites Colby

On March 30, Dartmouth College will begin to enforce a hard alcohol ban as a part of their “Moving Dartmouth Forward” plan. Dartmouth President Philip J. Hanlon included the ban as part of an initiative to decrease incidences of sexual assault, high-risk drinking and the exclusion of certain groups on campus. In adopting this policy, Dartmouth follows in the footsteps […]

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College Trustees discuss leadership in Boston

During its most recent meeting in Boston, the College’s Board of Trustees considered three main themes: leadership, momentum and governance. In terms of leadership, the primary focus was the value of human capital. In particular, this included fresh faces for the Administration—the newly-appointed Vice President for Advancement Daniel G. Lugo, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Matthew T. Proto and […]

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