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International News Brief: Denmark shooting and Charlie Hedbo

On Sunday Feb. 15, police in Copenhagen, Denmark fatally shot a man they believed to have perpetrated two fatal attacks earlier that weekend. According to The New York Times, he suspect is estimated to have fired 30 shots Saturday on a café that was hosting a discussion about the January terror attack in Paris, in which 12 people were killed […]

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currents7 artist sculpts photographs in sand

The newest exhibition at the Colby Museum is called currents7: The seventh installment of the Currents installations at Colby. It is a collection of photography and sculpture by artist Elizabeth Atterbury. The Portland-based artist has extended her mainly photographic practices into sculpture, creating a show that is dynamic in its exploration of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional worlds. Upon entering the […]

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Sundance with Cronkite

A few days after I returned from Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival JanPlan, the wonderful professor who took our class out West, Phyllis Mannocchi, asked me into her office for an interview-style final exam. She greeted me with a pleasant “How are you adjusting to life back at Colby?” An adjustment indeed it has been. Over the […]

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Why absolutely everybody should see Selma

I loved Selma. I loved everything about it. I loved that it took such a crucial historical event and brought it to life. I loved that it didn’t implement the Hollywood convention of a “white man savior” in a movement that didn’t have one. I loved that there were female characters like Coretta Scott King (Carmen Ejogo), who actually got […]

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Colby acappella goes local

This past Friday, a group of Colby acappella groups stepped out into the local community to perform for Messolonskee Middle School students. The Blue Lights, EVE, Sirens and Mayflower Chill visited a school-wide assembly, where each group sang a handful of selected songs followed by a question and answer session with the young students. The purpose of the performance, organized […]

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Community warmed by Winter carnival

2.5 miles from campus there is a recreation area owned by the city of Waterville. There, you will find multi-use trails, designed by one of the world’s leading Nordic trail designers and two-time Olympian, John Morton. The Quarry Road Recreation Area boasts a trail network of beauty and variety, including a world class cross country competition loop. The town of […]

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Isgro’s first month in office as mayor of Waterville

Nick Isgro has officially been Waterville’s 53rd mayor for only a short month, but the future already looks promising. Isgro, a Republican, was inaugurated on Jan. 6. He came to the Colby Museum of Art on Saturday, Feb. 7 to talk with the Echo about his first month in office and the City’s priorities going forward.  In the past four […]

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An open letter to the Career Center

Dear Colby Career Center, First of all, I want to say a sincere “thank you” for putting effort into finding Colby contacts in the media industry. It’s the first time I’ve seen that happen, and I’m grateful for all of the time and money was put aside for students wanting to go into media-based fields. However, the ‘Colby on the […]

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The true value of the liberal arts

Who are you? When you strip away your iPhone, your laptop, your grades, and every possession to which you claim ownership…who are you? We are absorbed by consumer culture. A culture that allows us to identify ourselves by what we have—as markers of our status in the world. A culture that dominates everything we do, including our participation in the […]

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Are all soldiers America’s heroes?

During the summer, I started watching Netflix’s original animated series Bojack Horseman. Though I may have begun the show as a means of distracting my mind from the raging hangover that only Oakland’s Kona Club Scorpion Bowls can impart, I was quickly drawn into the dark humor and pressing observations that underlie the show. Not to mention the show’s cast […]

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