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Netflix won’t load? I can help

Very often, I will be approached or I will overhear a conversation regarding the quality of Colby’s Wi-Fi. While the exact wording differs, the basis is always the same: Colby’s Wi-Fi needs improvement. I would like for everyone to understand why their Internet quality is lacking and what you can do about it. First, you need to know a little […]

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Schooling the teachers: a plea for education reform

At present, education is a hot-button issue in American politics, and in American society in general.  President Obama has continually spoken about the centrality of a strong public education system to the future of the United States.  Education, the development of human capital, has been deemed a fundamental human right by the United Nations.  By developing each successive generation of […]

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Drunk sex: always a bad idea?

While reading the Echo’s Valentine’s Day issue, I started thinking more about the college hook-up scene. As someone in a monogamous relationship, I don’t think about the hook-up culture as much as I did before I met Jake. And since communication is paramount in a relationship, I’ve never worried about a questionable encounter between us. To be entirely honest, before […]

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Colby divestment: it cannot wait

Did you see the huge banner hanging in Pulver last Thursday? The Colby Alliance for Renewable Energy (C.A.R.E.) hoisted a banner up to the rafters of Pulver to encourage members of the Colby community to question our status of carbon neutrality, in light of our continued support of the fossil fuel industry through our investments. The banner read: “CARBON INVESTMENTS […]

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Greene doubles Colby’s debt for new initiatives

Last month, the College issued bonds totalling 100 million dollars to fund a number of potential capital investments. While this move caused Standard & Poor’s to lower Colby’s credit rating and almost doubled the College’s debt, this decision demonstrates a recent administrative effort to enact immediate change in areas that many members of the community have identified as having the […]

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SGA test-runs shuttle service

With President David Greene’s inspiring leadership, administration and student organizations have been working toward continuing and rebuilding the relationship between the Colby community and the city of Waterville. Greene has worked with the College’s Student Government Association (SGA) to plan a Waterville shuttle service that would help serve student transportation needs and also strengthen the bond between Colby and Waterville. […]

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Three robberies in less than a month shake local community

This past Thursday, Feb. 12th, the TD Bank on Waterville’s Main Street was robbed and the assailant is still currently at large. At around 5:45 p.m., the suspect entered the bank wearing a full face mask and handed a note to the teller which threatened violence if money was not exchanged. The person showed no possession of any weapon. Out […]

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Au: Artist in Disguise

“I have the ability that if I see something, even something as small as a post stamp, I can copy it,” Dining Services Supervisor Kim “Mama” Au said of her artistic talents. “It’s nothing I pursued, I always viewed it as a hobby” she explains.  Although you may not be aware of it, you probably see Au’s artwork on a […]

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COC offers spring break trips

COC offers spring break trips

March 19 marks the beginning of spring break, and, for many students, this time off is an occasion to relax.  Some students will head home, catch up with family and friends, and watch Netflix. But for some students, the absence of the dull roar of classes allows the call of the wild to enunciate itself better, and, as a result, […]

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Specialist discusses residence hall vandalism

Specialist discusses residence hall vandalism

Earlier this year, The Echo reported that $100,000 of damage due to dormitory vandalism in the residence halls has accumulated over the last four years.  The costs include everything from broken furniture, windows, and walls, to excessive trash dumping, vomit in the bathrooms and torn down exit signs. There has been a lot of discussion about the issue among officials […]

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