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Seniors lead swim, dive teams in championships

The Colby men’s swimming and diving season came to a close on Sunday afternoon. After a long and exhausting championship weekend, the team returned from Middlebury with their heads held high, looking forward to a well-earned rest. After three days of competition the team finished in 10th place with 440 points, second to last in the NESCAC. Williams College, a […]

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New Athletic Director’s plans for Colby sports’ future

The past year has been a time of change at Colby; from the inauguration of David Greene, to the meteoric rise in application numbers, to the renovation of Roberts, things at Colby are changing. The latest addition to the young administration of President Greene is Tim Wheaton, the new Harold Alfond Director of Athletics. Wheaton spent the past 30 years […]

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CCC aims to create a more inclusive community

CCC aims to create a more inclusive community

The administration on the Hill takes a lot of pride in the fostering of safe discussions about important issues that students face both here and in the outside world.  In the past, groups have been formed that have enabled students to find those safe spaces for discussion. One of the first of these was a group called CCOR (Campus Conversations […]

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Provost Kletzer discusses Target of Opportunity initiative

Echo: Could you talk about the new recruitment program that you are developing? Who has been involved in the process and what aspects of the hiring process does it focus on? Provost Kletzer: It is called the Target of Opportunity Faculty Hiring Initiative, so in the title, it is centrally focused on faculty, not staff yet. “Target of opportunity” is […]

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Does the Dean’s List matter? A look at academic ranking

As we enter our second semester, GPAs and class ranks shake out, and select upperclassmen receive congratulation letters from Phi Beta Kappa regarding their earning Dean’s List. With all these rankings based on a subjective grading system, we have to wonder: does it all matter? This feature takes a look at the importance of the Dean’s List. At Colby, the […]

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SHOUT week line-up

Enter nearly any campus building and you’ll see one. Glance through the General Announcements or eavesdrop on a conversation in Pulver and there will be one. In fact, you would have to hide themselves in their room and possibly shut the blinds not to see one. Whether they are hanging as posters all around campus or flooding inboxes with reminders, […]

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Reflecting on a month of anatomy, an artist’s take

As an art major coming off of a fall spent abroad, I was excited to bring back with me all the inspiration I had gathered during my four months traveling through Europe. Having enjoyed an endless array of beautiful vistas, museums and architecture, the creation of my own artwork took a backseat to the viewing of others. For that reason, […]

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Museum features contemporary black artists throughout February

Fish dangle amidst shadows and dark foliage in three* Joseph Norman lithographs which were on display during the first week of February at the museum. It is an odd image, put into context by the title, Strange Fruit; a grim homage to the Billie Holiday song lamenting the lynchings of African Americans during the 1930s. Throughout the month, the museum […]

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Something to be desired, Fifty Shades of Mediocrity

“More…Oh yeah…Fill me up,” I told the concession stand workers as they prepared my large popcorn and medium Diet Coke. What they didn’t know was that I would also soon be feasting upon the two large boxes of candy smuggled within my large winter coat. But it was absolutely necessary. I was about to embark on a cinematic odyssey of […]

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Leave Lindsay alone: celebrity, mental illness and hypocrisy

Amanda Bynes. Quick—what’s your first thought! Now, I’m assuming that a couple of you smartasses would say you thought of The Amanda Show, the Nickelodeon sketch comedy show that allowed the eponymous actor to play characters from the corrupt-as-shit Judge Trudy, stereotypical yokel Lula Mae, and Amanda’s #1 super fan Penelope Taynt (oh my god, am I the only one […]

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