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Blazing fire destroys Waterville apartment

On Monday, Feb. 23, a raging fire devastated the five-unit apartment building at 15 Paris Street in Waterville’s South End. Reported at around 10:15 a.m., the fire furiously blazed through the afternoon, completely destroying the building and leaving its twelve tenants (including three children) homeless as well as two cats unaccounted for. The Waterville fire department received onsite backup from […]

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The Teen Parent School Program celebrates its 40 years of service

Located in downtown Waterville, the Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers has been serving families in the community since its founding in 1899. Known for its nurturing environment, the Maine Children’s Home offers a variety of services dedicated to the betterment of families and children, one of which being the unique Teen Parent School Program. Working in collaboration with the […]

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Discussing GMRI and responsible seafood at Colby

For students who live in coastal Maine, summertime means cracking into lobster and shellfish that was pulled from the sea that day. After a day of summer sailing in his hometown of Freeport, Evan Lamarre ’15 and his friends would dive into lobster a friend pulled from the trap that morning. Nellie LaValle ’18 feels privileged to live in Bar […]

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Thank you, Annie Friedrich!

By Edie Keller (Librarian at the Mitchell School, Waterville, ME) It goes without saying that teachers appreciate volunteers!  The George J. Mitchell School in Waterville  has had many wonderful helpers throughout the years.  College students, parents, and other adults from the Waterville community have given untold hours to help and enrich the lives of students and staff. One particular Colby College […]

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Our personal take on Sodexo Awareness Week

By Ester Topolarova, Aiste Vaitkevidiute, and Brian Martinez Following the Sodexo Awareness Week, we, as a part of the  United for Better Dining Services (UBDS) took on the task of clarifying what our group’s aims have been and what they are for the future. To start off, a dissociation campaign has never been the aim of the UBDS group. For […]

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Colby student clubs: unifiers or dividers?

Need to learn how to nap? There’s a club for that. Ever felt the need to talk about Hawaii? There’s a club for that. Ever felt like your dinner conversation lacks current affairs awareness? There’s a club for that, too. Now I’m not trying to say that those particular clubs are worthless. But sometimes I wonder if having so many […]

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The Libel fails to surpass pie

As nearly all of campus knows by now, The Libel has hit Colby. If you have somehow managed to avoid the thousands of copies strewn around campus, The Libel is a satirical newspaper distributed for the first time this year a couple weeks ago. Spouting an apparent second issue of its fourth volume, it is a wonder it has managed […]

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Reflections on the progress and future of diversity on campus

When I arrived at Colby as an incoming first-year in fall of 2010, I encountered a paradoxical fact. I was now a part of a campus context that was overwhelmingly white, yet the rhetoric that followed the incoming class of 2014 as it began its integration through COOT, First Class, and  Loudness was one that extolled the presence of remarkable […]

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How Colby can help revitalize Waterville

On Sept. 14, 2014, David A. Greene was sworn in as our college’s 20th president. During his inauguration speech, President Greene spoke to a multitude of issues, including the contemporary challenges of higher education institutions, Colby’s unique qualities that poise it for greatness and a desire to foster relations between Colby and the greater Waterville community. As you all know, […]

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College hosts third annual TEDx talk series

We live in a world defined by its continued state of flux. A world in which the single constant is the reality of disruption, of change and of deviation. Last Sunday, Feb. 22 in Bixler auditorium, some of the College’s finest minds were brought together to discuss the theme of disruption and deviation from global perspectives. Intelligent, inspiring and unfailingly […]

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