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The folly of the Feb Frosh program

Let’s talk about Feb Frosh. Ah yes, those notorious students who arrive in January; however, we call them Feb Frosh because alliteration is paramount. I was one of those souls deemed capable to excel in that unique first-year situation. The First Semester Abroad (FSA) program places upwards of 40 incoming students in one of two language intensive and cultural programs […]

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I didn’t do it for you, I did it for me

I started taking the hijab when I first began high school. No one forced me to adopt it. My sisters don’t cover their heads, and, in fact, my extended family despised me for a period of time for trying to be “too Muslim” and not fashionable. Needless to say, I defied them. Since a very young age, I have been […]

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Library Committee hosts second open forum

Library Committee hosts second open forum

To continue the open discourse surrounding the Miller Library renovations, the Library Committee hosted a forum on Tues., Nov. 18. According to a campus-wide email announcement from Professor of History John Turner, the purpose of this event was “to present what [the Committee had] found out so far and to invite discussion.” This conversation was the second open forum on […]

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Students protest Ferguson decision

Students protest Ferguson decision

On the night of Nov. 24, students gathered in the Pugh Center to watch a broadcast of St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough announcing the grand jury decision to not indict Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson for the death of unarmed 18 year-old Michael Brown. Many students were stunned and outraged by the verdict, and quickly planned a campus-wide event […]

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CVC, MMHS host homelessness awareness events

The holiday season, which conjures images of warm homes and spending time with family, seems an appropriate time to ask the question: “What does home mean to you?” This month, the Colby Volunteer Center (CVC) and Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter (MMHS) are using the time to raise awareness about homelessness by hosting events at the College. The past week has been […]

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Student summoned for allegedly fleeing scene of accident

The Waterville Police Department issued a court summons last month to John Woodside ’17 after he allegedly fled the scene of a single-car accident on Rice Rips Road. Darpan Roychowdhury ’17 was a passenger in the car, but faces no charges. Neither student was seriously injured in the accident. Shortly after midnight on Nov. 15, Woodside was driving north on […]

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Concern arises regarding professors’ discussion with student Library Committee members

Prior to the second library forum, two professors took three students whom they believed to be on the Library Committee to lunch at the Joseph Family Spa. After leaving the meeting, one of the students reported the conversation to her work supervisors in Miller Library and to the Library Committee on which she is a student representative, stating that the […]

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Professors diversify teaching mediums

As Colby students get flooded with finals during this time of the semester, some professors are making an effort to integrate alternatives, and in the case of Visiting Assistant Professor of English Jamison Kantor, “[change] up the exam-rhythm.” In Kantor’s English seminar course, EN397B: Capitalism, Crisis, and Romanticism, students had a spoken midterm, which “[provided] an opportunity to think through […]

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Yaks create campus uproar

Over the past two weeks, the Colby community became concerned with an event that occurred in the East Quad dormitory. While there is some ambiguity surrounding the details, many members of the community began to hear about a drug deal, HIV-and-gonorrhea-positive condoms found in the bathroom and the hallways and other serious events that caused the police and the Drug […]

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Fireside Chats Installment II: Semester Reflections

Beginning on October 30, 2014, the Echo started releasing a monthly installment featuring an interview with President David A. Greene. Each interview will cover a particular topic or issue related to the Colby community. Fireside Chats is aimed at keeping the Colby community, both on and off campus, informed about President Greene’s ideas for the future of the College, as […]

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