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Villified revitalization: in defense of gentrification

When getting off the Metro at Shaw, Nick told me to get off at the S St. & 7th St. NW exit and avoid the R & 8th one. It was my 22nd birthday in a foreign city and after work Nick had invited me to have drinks with him in Washington, D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood. He had found a new […]

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Reconnect’s Disconnect

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving break is so close, and yet three papers, a-Spanish exam, and a lab away. And that’s on top of the myriad of commitments and meetings that we have everyday. We’re all busy. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve said “I really wish I could hang out with my friends more” […]

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A case for being broke and happy

The last three and a half years of college have been a lesson in “What to Care About.” And I realized that in high school I’d been doing it wrong. Note well: this is a soap box editorial about following your heart, so you’ll want to get on board or move on. I spent all of high school fighting to […]

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The science of (cheese) tasting

We do not eat solely to survive but also for pleasure and enjoyment. The sense of taste assists us in debunking the omnivore’s dilemma, the daily conundrum of what to eat. Taste solves this dilemma by allowing humans to discern not only what is going to be a palatable and pleasurable experience but also what food will provide a nutritious […]

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Eat your heart out, Guantanamo: On getting waterboarded

PETE: So are we continuing this Watervillain attack scenario? SAM: I think it’s pretty played out. We need something new. STEVE: Yeah. PETE: What about if, like, they won in that scenario and some Watervillains came and got to us, like the Colby leadership, and had to get information out of us. SAM: I dunno man. PETE: What if they […]

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Dorm damage: Colby’s latest form of classism

Currently, my student account tells me that I owe $155.50 for dorm damage even though I have never commited any damage to Colby property. But last year, I lived in Heights. Of all Colby’s dorms, Heights is invariably regarded as the quintessential “party-and-get-trashed” dorm.  This reputation definitely fosters a dangerous culture of exorbitant drinking; but in terms of dorm-damage, its […]

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Speed bumps added to Mayflower Hill Drive

The week of Nov. 9, the College installed four new speed bumps on Mayflower Hill Drive between Woodman Residence Hall and the tennis courts, a change that many student drivers understand yet feel should have been second priority to lighting improvements near the road’s crosswalks. The speed bumps are one of multiple “traffic calming measures” that the College has proposed […]

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Animeals feeds pets

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which traditionally implies that many will soon be feasting with family and friends to celebrate the season’s harvest and share in thanks. Yet not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a holiday experience, as some will remain homebound, alone, and unable to provide food for themselves or their pet companions. However, with the help of […]

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Officials cancel shrimp season for the second year in a row

For the second year in a row, officials cancelled the commercial fishing season for Northern shrimp, placing a moratorium on the fishery for the 2015 season. Also known as Pink Shrimp, Coldwater Shrimp or Deep Water Prawn, Pandalus borealis is small not just in stature—measuring up at only about two to four inches—but also in abundance, according to the most […]

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Post Office hosts annual 1001 Smiles Toy Drive

You may have noticed the construction paper cutouts at the post office advertising for 1001 Smiles Toy Drive. The goal of the drive is to collect gifts to give to local kids of families that cannot necessarily afford to buy presents on their own. Student Post Office Supervisor Al LaPan is the leader of the fundraiser, and says that in […]

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