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Horton ’17 starts Mule Mob Rentals

No student at the College enjoys going back to their dorm after a long day’s work, exhausted and desperate for sleep, only to be unable to sleep soundly and comfortably on their small and firm bed. Malik Horton ’17 started Mule Mob rentals in the spring of 2013 as a means of helping students to easily and affordably change their […]

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Student attempts to tackle $100,000 annual cost of residence hall vandalism

Residence hall vandalism (RHV) has been a highly-debated issue on campus for many years. Whether it is a shattered front door or an exit sign on the floor of the apartments, students understand the harmful effects of RHV and recognize the difficulty it poses for Physical Plant Department (PPD) and the custodians who work to keep our living spaces clean […]

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Klitirinos and Lyons named class of 2018 Presidents

September is an exciting time on Mayflower Hill, especially for the class of 2018 as they begin their four-year undergraduate journey. While many are finding their footing and getting lost on their way to class, two first-year students have already settled in: class of 2018 Presidents Lexie Lyons ’18 and Phil Klitirinos ’18. Like many friendships on the Hill, Lyons […]

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Alumnus returns to teach in the Music Department

Alumnus returns to teach in the Music Department

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Kate Heidemann ’04, an alumna of the College, has returned to the Hill as the newest addition to the Music Department. This fall she is teaching “Music Theory III” and “Deconstructing Popular Music”, a class that she proposed. Her story is one that accentuates the values not only of academia, but the importance of music […]

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Mules hit the rapids: summer as a Maine rafting guide

Mules hit the rapids: summer as a Maine rafting guide

Sierra Leavitt and Dylan Markey (both class of 2016) are two adventurous mules who spent their summer working as white water rafting guides in Maine. Leavitt worked for Adventure Bound Rafting on the Kennebec River, while Markey worked for Northeast Whitewater on the Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers. Leavitt found the job through Natalie Tortorella ’14 who had worked as a […]

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New student publication Inklings focuses on collaboration

After spending a semester abroad in London, Laura Rosenthal ’15 felt an that some part of her Colby experience was missing. “I was just thinking back on what I do at Colby and even though I love everything I’m involved in, I realized that there were things that I had grown to love but nothing that came out of my […]

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A summery delight for a cold Maine night: S’moreos

I planned on baking something to embrace autumn for this week’s baking column. Each morning the air has been brisker as I walk to Dana for breakfast. Every afternoon as the wind rustles the leaves, the smell of fall beckons me to walk through the arboretum. I considered concocting something with apples and cinnamon, or caramel and pecans, or maybe […]

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The Drop: a must-see film this Fall

Directed by Michael Roskam and filled with stunning shots and scenes, The Drop is one of the best films of the season.  The story follows the heart-breaking life of Bob the bartender, played by Tom Hardy, and depicts his gentle spirit in the face of a multitude of crimes, which act as a back-drop for the intense inter-character relations and […]

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Museum’s student docent night features new artwork

Since students have last been on campus, the Colby Museum of Art has been busy installing their retrospective of Bernard Langlais’s work coordinated by the curator, Hannah Blunt, in addition to the routine rotation of the museum’s large permanent collection. As a way to introduce students to the new works on display, the Student Advisory Board, organized a “Student Docent […]

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Campus responds to increased presence of security in dorms

In order to bridge relations between the student body and the Department of Security, the College has begun to allow on-campus security guards to roam dorms. This change comes with a specific amendment that prevents Security from entering personal rooms without permission or receiving calls about problems, but students remain wary about Security’s newfound ability to walk through bathrooms, common […]

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